Couture: Something that is fashionable and custom made.

Kitchen: A room where food is cooked.

Nicole Dinardo and Un Amore Custom Designs has created a union of the unthinkable, pairing the utility of a KitchenAid Mixer with the beauty and creativity of her custom painting. A custom painted KitchenAid Mixer-it is a match made in custom kitchen couture heaven.

Kitchen couture is passionately created each day at Un Amore Custom Designs. Every client’s idea is transformed into a simple, yet beautiful, diverse and intense, original work of custom art. Un Amore Custom Designs is the place where custom meets couture.

So, welcome to this small appliance wonderland of Un Amore Custom Designs. A fabulous world where gardens bloom, fire thrives, oceans oscillate, and big city skylines are larger than life. Un Amore Custom Designs not only caters to the more grown up themes, but can turn a child’s innocent drawing into a charming reality, freezing that perfect memory for a parent, grandparent or loved one on a KitchenAid mixer forever.

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