Frequently Asked Questions

1. CAN I PROVIDE MY OWN Mixer? Yes! If you don’t have one you may drop ship directly from a KitchenAid distributor, has great deals too and it saves on shipping! Be sure that you add your last name after ours, that way we can track your box in our inventory upon its arrival.

2. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The cost is determined on the final artwork. The more time & detail, the more it costs.

3. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Time is also based on the artwork chosen and what our current schedule looks like. Average duration once on our schedule is 3-12 weeks for completion, however the artwork may require more time. It really depends on what we're working on. We booked (on average) about 3 months out this is the start date, not completion by date....

4. DOES YOUR QUOTE INCLUDE THE COST OF THE MIXER? No. My quotes / prices on our shoppe (unless otherwise stated), or via email are ONLY for artwork.

5. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET STARTED? Please shoot us an email to with a brief description of artwork you're interested in, the model of mixer you own and desired time frame for completion. Again, all dates discussed are estimated since I create every piece by hand and cannot guarantee an exact date of completion, however I do my best to keep it close...

6. HOW DURABLE IS YOUR ARTWORK? We use only the best products available. All artwork is sealed with a clear coat for food safety concerns, durability and longevity. It is available in matte or glossy finish. Glossy is preferred for most designs.

7. DO YOU OFFER GIFT CERTIFICATES? Yes, each one is personalized and wrapped in matte black paper, embellished with gold and black satin ribbon. Please email us in advance to prepare one for you.


8. WHY DO YOU NOT SHIP GROUND? We only ship by air via FedEx, UPS, DHL etc... to ensure a safe delivery of your handcrafted piece of artwork. This ensures the best chance to get it there in a timely manner where is wont be kicked around, possibly damaged sitting in facilities and minimize the chances of it getting damaged. We've discovered by our past experiences that this is far more cost efficient than trying to recover insurance payouts via damaged machines and / or artwork. One project took us months to recover and get retuned with numerous calls to settle. Better safe than sorry. Every mixer that leaves my shop requires a signature to recieve and insurance required for complete replacement of the mixer and artwork combined.

9. CAN I GET A PORTRAIT OF MY WIFE OR ANOTHER FAMILY MEMBER? I have decided against doing personal portraits since they are extremely time consuming and also add a bunch of added pressure to achieve a likeness. There are lot of factors that come into play when painting someone... first off the scale required to put on a mixer is extremely small which makes it that much more difficult to achieve the quality I expect. If lighting and position isn't right it is also very difficult, so I prefer to not produce such designs.


10. CAN YOU DO A WONDER WOMAN MIXER? NO, It violates the IP rights of DC comics. So I am not able to produce such a design or any other design that I do not have permission to use... for example I cannot and will not paint or entertain ideas such as Hello Kitty, Pepsi, Coca Cola, John Deere, NFL logos, Disney princess name a few...If you'd like to entertain another idea, please let us know. Any emails requesting such designs will not be responded to.



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